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Without our amazing adopters, TCR volunteers would not be able to rescue the kitties in need.  Toronto Cat Rescue is often the only hope for a homeless, abandoned, sick or injured cat. We help cats escape situations of abuse, neglect, or imminent euthanasia. We see some terribly sad cases, but happily many of them have positive outcomes thanks to all the caring cat lovers who adopt from us.

Enjoy our gallery of “Happy Tails”.   Whether you adopted your kitty yesterday or years ago, we would love an update on your family.  To have your story posted on our website, please submit your Happy Tail to Michelle – and include: your kitties TCR name, picture and an update.  You could also post a quick update in the “Comments” section on this page.

Note: Please click the “Permalink” link under the image when viewing the gallery to read more about the kitty pictured.

13 Comments on “TCR Happy Tails

  1. I adopted my beautiful boy Ignatius/Iggy (who was named Russ back at work) and he is nothing less than an angel! He sits on my lap and curls around my head to sleep while purring. He has made his home in my heart and in my home. He tries to play with the other two cat’s tails and flops shamelessly onto his side, rolling over to get a belly rub <3

  2. I met Avery about a month ago while volunteering with TCR at Petsmart Steeles and the little bandit stole my heart from the moment we met! I adopted her today and as soon as she finished inspecting her safe room, she rubbed up against me, started purring, and her tail shot right up! For the last few hours, she’s been inspecting some more, watching TV, and asking for belly pets. I’m so happy to give her a furrever home!

  3. I adopted two brother kittens Austin and Aiden (now William) in Sept. 2012. They have grown into the sweetest, most playful boys who provide endless amounts of entertainment, love and, well, fur – everywhere (they are medium hairs). That is a non-issue though, because they are truly worth every piece of fur they get on my black clothing – hehe. Austin is ultra-friendly and is the official “House Greeter”, greeting me at the front door every day since Day One. William is still kitten-sized, I think he was the runt, and is a sweet and loving lap-cat. Both enjoy wrestling and playing non-stop, even though they are technically adults not they still act like kittens.

    Thank you TCR for bringing these kittens into my life! I would like to submit a Happy Tails story with some pics but wasn’t sure where to send it….

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