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Without our amazing adopters, TCR volunteers would not be able to rescue the kitties in need.  Toronto Cat Rescue is often the only hope for a homeless, abandoned, sick or injured cat. We help cats escape situations of abuse, neglect, or imminent euthanasia. We see some terribly sad cases, but happily many of them have positive outcomes thanks to all the caring cat lovers who adopt from us.

Enjoy our gallery of “Happy Tails”.   Whether you adopted your kitty yesterday or years ago, we would love an update on your family.  To have your story posted on our website, please submit your Happy Tail to Michelle – and include: your kitties TCR name, picture and an update.  You could also post a quick update in the “Comments” section on this page.

Note: Please click the “Permalink” link under the image when viewing the gallery to read more about the kitty pictured.

13 Comments on “TCR Happy Tails

  1. A few months ago, we got a kitten from you, His name was Kelli, but we changes it to Avalanche. He was all white except for a black spot on his side, and the top of his head. He is an excellent kitten. He plays very well with on small dog Gloria. Avalanche has also helped our very shy cat, that our family adopted 2 years ago, She used to always hide under the bed, but now she comes out, and will sometimes even come down stairs, or sit on your lap. Avalanche has made many happy memories for my family.

  2. Thank you for Brisket, now namesd Briskat, which I think suites her better. She came to live with us yesterday. We had just lost our much loved Lucky to kidney desease at 17+ years and our home seemed so empty and forlorn. Briskat is the perfect medicine for a broken heart. She is lively, demanding and thinks she is queen of all she surveys, human and all. Like all cats she is full of charm. hse is also very gentle and special and unique in her own way.

    We will not forget our dear Lucky, but we will love and laugh again and be enchanted anew. Once more we are being ruled by a small iron

  3. I just thought that those responsible for looking after Phisha, who has been re-named Oliver (a rags to riches storyyou for him, rescued from a park as he was in the spring) would appreciate knowing that he’s done brilliantly in his new home. kitten insanity one moment and complete and unreserved affection the next have made him a joy.

    the folks at Pet Value on Eglinton north of Yonge two weeks ago were very professional – they may recall that he sat on my shoulder walking about the store, and the young man who was a volunteer that day was amazed at this kitty’s response to me. this has continued and he is just the most wonderful and well-behaved companion, and I am very grateful to toronto cat rescue for the adoption weekend. I can assure all involved that Oliver will be looked after carefully and well all of his life, and has already brought my girlfriend and me great joy.

    oliver and I will be cherished friends for as long as he lives, and I hope all are inspired by a great adoption story – he has added immensely to my life and I am grateful for the work toronto cat rescue does.

    best to all of you for such wonderful work, and I hope the folks working at the pet store on October 6 have opportunity to be thanked for their work, and know that their thoughtfulness in ensuring this wonderful little creature and I would be well suited to each other is entirely representative of what stories Toronto Cat Rescue wishes to have.

    Mike and Oliver (formerly Phisha) and of course, Rebecca, who looks after him if I have to travel!

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