This is Chomper. The black kitten I adopted from Toronto Cat Rescue back on July 23rd. He has really settled in well. He is a very active guy. He plays with his toys. His favorite toy is this cat circle that has a ball that goes around in it. He loves to run up to it and swat the ball around in it and then run away and do the same all over again. We really love him to pieces. He runs up and down the stairs like a bat out of h… He loves to run around the house. He jumps up on the couch beside me when I am watching TV and falls asleep beside me. He loves to cuddle at nighttime when we are watching TV. He is quite the character. He is getting big now since when I first got him. He loves our one cat Keira (she is 1/2 Himalayan 1/2 Persian). He cuddles right up to Keira and they wash each other.

Thanks so much,
Chomper’s New Mommy – Michelle

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