Caesar Bellini Daquiri

I wanted to let you know that Caesar, Bellini and Daquiri (who we are calling Bella) are doing just great. They are such a wonderful addition to our family. The descriptions of the kittens on your website were so accurate. Their personalities are amazing… so affectionate, energetic, and entertaining. I am so glad we kept these three siblings together. They are so loving with each other (and us) when they aren’t wrestling.

Thank you so much for facilitating these adoptions. We feel so lucky.
Caroline and Suzy

One Comment on “Caesar Bellini Daquiri

  1. awwww…. you did a wonderful thing taking on all three siblings- it’s a ready made kitty family! 😀 they’re all so beautiful- you must be very proud- and i know they’ll all be very grateful.

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