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Rusty gives love to nearly everyone he meets – from kids to grown ups! He shows his love by rubbing against people’s legs, or wherever he can reach (ie. arms, head, etc..) when you’re sitting or with kids! He gives super sweet face rubs/head butts, and they are really strong.

Another way Rusty shows his love is to groom;.he will groom other cats as well as people, and you’ll be very, very clean when Rusty is done! Some cats find this to be too much, and Rusty is best with male cats.

Rusty’s tail was amputated, and now it looks like he “wags” his tail (see video: goo.gl/nRVpua). If you walk by him and he wants to play he will hit your feet to try to engage you.

He likes to play, and his favourite toys include most toys that people are involved with – ie. string toy, laser pointe, .and other cats (see video: goo.gl/yjwqbN). When it’s cold Rusty will always want to sit on your lap… and he has figured out how to sit on a lap even when there is already a laptop there!

Rusty is quite smart – first of all – he is the only cat (out of about 20) to escape his foster family’s isolation room (he went through the partially open ceiling), and secondly, Rusty will ask his humans “questions” with a specific meow and sound that is not the usual cat meow, but also uses the “regular” cat meow when appropriate (ie. when playing with a pompom).
He will also tell you he wants to play by hitting your feet as you walk by (see video: goo.gl/gzeEHv).

One way that Rusty is NOT smart is that he will eat any plastic he finds (ie. small bits of plastic wrappers), and he’ll chew on plastic bags. This can be a big problem for cats, so his owners will have to be very careful not to leave things like this out. He will also get into food if it’s left out (ie. his foster family discovered he’d eaten the asparagus on the stove when it came up on the floor hours later) – so food needs to go away or be covered.

Rusty would be best with people who have previously owned a cat – his personality might be overwhelming for a new cat owner (ie. you can’t leave any plastic bits or food around, and he likes go up on the counter (see video: goo.gl/tqEZJH).

Rusty has struggled with diarrhea, and the cure has been a special raw food diet for his sensitive stomach. The food he is eating is Carnivora bison food, and it’s about $65 per month. List of retailers: goo.gl/4srY3G.

He has weepy eye from previous eye infection, but this is easily controlled by putting L Lysine on his food two times per day (can get at a drug store or natural food store for about $10) and you can also wipe his eyes with a clean cloth dipped in warm camomile tea. Both of these are super-easy.

Rusty is FIV+ but don’t judge him on a blood test – he can live a long, happy and healthy life. He will need a healthy diet, and have his annual vet wellness visits, but no medication is needed. FIV is passed from feline to feline through a deep scratch or aggressive bite, so he would be fine being adopted into with other cats (FIV+ or not). Rusty is currently fostered with a non-FIV cat.

Here is Rusty’s complete YouTube playlist — goo.gl/kBtSK8.

Rusty came from a 500 cat rescue that Toronto Cat Rescue lead, rescuing cats from a rural shelter in Quebec, so Rusty “speaks” cat, English and French!

If you are looking for one of the most loving and amusing cats and are willing to take the few precautions listed above, Rusty could be the right cat for you!

To adopt, call us 416-538-8592, press #1, fill in our adoption online form on our Adopt A Cat page.

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