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What can we say about Penny? This girl has had a long journey, and can’t wait to be adopted finally into her forever home. She was part of a large rescue effort from a Quebec shelter early last year (2017). Penny’s foster homes found her initially hard to figure out. She seemed pretty hostile, hissing and aggressively coming forward. But as she settles, she has calmed and revealed a bit more of her interesting personality.

pennyThere is a lot to Penny, and so much of it is loving. She does seek attention and affection, but at times it becomes too much and she may swipe, and her family would have to be able to read and respect her limits. Penny has spent so much time in confinement and cages, that it could be fuelling a lot of this behaviour. A settled, knowledgeable home would likely help Penny relax, and be more consistently loving. She is very smart and engaged, but we sense that she has been let down or misunderstood in the past, and her time being bounced around in shelters and foster care has been surely been confusing.

No small children in the home is recommended because of Penny’s potential unpredictable side. So far Penny has not been great with the foster home’s other cats, but when scolded for being nasty to them, she stops, and she listens. There is hope for a buddy-cat with proper introductions and supervision initially. We’re unsure how she is with dogs, likely the same as with cats.

Penny would thrive with a knowledgeable and understanding family who are willing to work and play with Penny in a way that she can handle. She will likely blossom into the settled, smart, affectionate, suffer-no-fools gladly girl that she already is, but is afraid to show us at all times. She’ll be well worth the effort, there is so much to this lovely girl! Plus, Penny has lots of toes on both of her front paws – about 3 extra on each! She is a gorgeous cat patiently waiting to be loved forever.

Because Penny has waited so long for her forever family to adopt her, she has a reduced adoption fee of $50 (vs. our standard $175).

To adopt, call us 416-538-8592, press #1, fill in our adoption online form on our Adopt A Cat page.

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