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My name is Azuki, but my foster mom calls me “Sweet Bean” because she says I’m a sweetie pie and full of beans. She also says that I’m the cleverest cat she’s ever known and, of course, I agree with her.

I’m confident, curious and friendly. I love to be petted with long strong strokes down my spine – I particularly enjoy it when extra attention is paid to the base of my tail; I get all wiggly and excited. I rarely say no to a good chin rub either. I don’t like to be picked up and would prefer to sit beside you than on you. Sometimes when I want attention, or just feel good, I roll over on my back. This is not an invitation for you to pet me on my tummy since it is very sensitive, but it does mean that I trust you.

What I adore more than anything is chasing that red dot. Now I’m no dummy and I know that the red dot comes out of a metal tube that my foster mom holds in her hand. She calls it a laser. I also know that I’ll never catch the dot, but I don’t care! It’s all about the thrill of the chase. When the dot stops I go to my foster mom and softly pat her hand with my paw and look at her pleadingly until she starts again. When she says she has had enough I look for the metal tube and pat it with my paw, but it never works for me. When I’m bored I chase my tail or pipe cleaners, but that’s not nearly as much fun.

I was rescued with a few other cats from a hoarding situation. I was very thin and had recently had kittens. I didn’t feel too well, but the vet and Toronto Cat Rescue took care of me and I feel better now. I survived by being tough and dominant, but this didn’t work when I moved in with my foster mom. I tried to bully her. She didn’t seem to like it which confused me since this was the only way I knew how to get what I need. I spent the next little while learning manners and how to act appropriately as a well brought up house cat. Now instead of nipping her I tap her with my paw whenever I want to play or have a snack and she seems to like this much better. I realize that I don’t need to be so aggressive since I can depend on being fed and cared for.

I have a sensitive tummy and I’m on a hypoallergenic diet from the vet.


Azuki is lovely cat who has had a difficult life and deserves a second chance with a family or individual who appreciate her spunk and smarts. When she first came into care, however, she nipped whenever she needed something or got overexcited. She doesn’t do this anymore but she probably shouldn’t be adopted by a family with small children. She may try to intimidate other cats and probably should live as an only cat.

Although she isn’t shy she may need some time to adjust to her new surroundings and will emerge when she feels ready. She can get overexcited particularly when she plays and play episodes need to be short but frequent. She can also get overstimulated when you are stroking her but she seems to have learned when she’s had enough and will walk away. Her tail goes back and forth when she’s happy, engaged or pissed off so unlike most cats, it is hard to judge her emotions by her tail.

Azuki isn’t afraid of much (not even the vacuum cleaner!), but she seems afraid when I carry something large in my arms… even a pillow. When startled she can also act very frightened.

She likes to scratch on really rough surfaces. She doesn’t jump much and probably wouldn’t use a cat tree. She has excellent litter box manners but she does like a clean box.

Azuki, or Sweet Bean, is a wonderful cat seeking her wonderful forever family… will it be you? She sure hopes so!

Spayed, Vaccinated, born April 12th, 2014.

To adopt, call us 416-538-8592, press #1, fill in our adoption online form on our Adopt A Cat page.

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