50 Cats need our URGENT help!

Earlier this week, the Quebec shelter that we have helped out with many times before reached out with an urgent need. They are unable to offer refuge to all the unwanted, abandoned and homeless cats who have entered their shelter during COVID-19 shutdowns over the past few months.

50 friendly and highly adoptable cats are at RISK. They simply do not have the resources to keep up, and may need to make decisions that no one wants to.

We simply can not say no to helping.

Most of the cats coming will need to be spayed or neutered, will need vaccinations updated and we know from experience that unknown medical emergencies will happen.

Can you help us get these cats to Toronto? http://ow.ly/2EqQ50Bndqf

We must help cats like Lucy, pictured below, who deserve a chance at a forever home. She came into the shelter in terrible condition, desperate for help. Luckily, she has gotten the love and immediate care she needed and now she needs our help to find a forever home. She has overcome so much, can you help make sure she gets her happy ending?

Donate today – http://ow.ly/2EqQ50Bndqf

Together we will care for these little souls and make sure they get everything they need to get adopted into their forever homes!

Thank you all for your ongoing support – we simply could not do it without you!

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