Rescue in Action Underway

We the North Help Each Other

Toronto Cat Rescue is responding to an urgent plea from North Bay Humane Society. Over 50 cats were found in a single home and have been surrendered to the authorities.

Plans are already underway to start the relocation of these 50 kitties to Toronto and our foster homes are ready and waiting to give these shy and lost cats all the love and care they need. We are grateful to our foster network for stepping up and giving us the ability to offer a helping hand to our neighbours to the North.

Can you donate today?

Here is what we know about the condition of the cats needing our help. The cats age from brand new babies (one mama gave birth in the shelter today!) to older adults and range in temperament from social to shy. Luckily, we are experts with the shy babies!

All will need to be either spayed or neutered and most are on antibiotics for infections and many will need expensive dental work. But most importantly, they are all very thin, and need A LOT of TLC. It will be some time before they are healthy enough to be ready for adoption.

Are you able to help?

We know the vet bills for this rescue are going to be large…every cat will need to be spayed or neutered…every cat will need vaccines…and many will need dental care. We plan for the day to day but it’s hard to plan for situations like this.

Any help you can give to aid this rescue would be incredible.

Thank you!

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