Thank you Vector Knits

We are sending out a HUGE thank you to Kyle Vey, from #VectorKnits –

Please read what he shared on Instagram:

“Just over 3 years ago, we adopted Scamper from TCR. Although he was timid at first and squeezed himself under the dresser to hide, he quickly blossomed into a cat full of wonder, curiosity, passion, and energy. He had his quirks. He welcomed everyone into the house with a loving headbutt. He’d steal Shreddies and Cheerios from me. And he was always willing to lend a helping paw when I was taking knitting photos. He loved being in those photos.”

Unfortunately, Scamper passed away a couple of weeks ago, far too soon. To honour his memory, Kyle discounted his knitting patterns and donated all proceeds from the past two weeks to TCR.

He raised and donated an amazing $1,340 in memory of Scamper. Wow! We are immensely grateful.

We send Kyle and Scamper’s family our deepest sympathies on their loss, but knowing that for the remainder of his life, Scamper found such a loving and caring home I hope will help you heal.

Thank you — for caring for Scamper and the incredible gift in his honour that will allow us to continue our life-saving work.

(📷: Kyle Vey/VectorKnits)

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