What a difference a year makes!

We are throwing it back a year today to the spring of 2019 when TCR helped our shelter partner Toronto Animal Services save more than 400 cats from two major and three minor hoarding cases across the GTA.

In March 2019 , over 100 cats were found inside a Toronto home and thanks to the support of the TCR community, we were able to bring almost 50 cats into our care. A short time later in May, more than 300 cats were found in a single Toronto apartment. Thanks to all of you, we were able to bring over 200 cats into our foster care network and eventually help them find their forever homes.

The first picture below is a reminder of what was found and the rest are just a small sample of some of the rescued kitties now, living their best kitty lives!

These types of rescues take enormous resources – volunteer, staff and financial. Without our amazing community we simply would not be able to act as quickly as we do. So thank you!

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