National Volunteer Week – Thank you Jenna and Lauren!

Toronto Cat Rescue is celebrating the countless volunteers that support cats in need this #NationalVolunteerWeek. Today, we’re celebrating two amazing Toronto-based foster parents, Jenna Nierop and Lauren Toliopoulos. Thank you for everything you do!

Our rescue journey began in 2017 when we started to volunteer at a local cat shelter, and this is where we had the opportunity to test the fostering waters. We immediately fell in love (obviously) but had to take a step back in June 2019 due to hectic schedules.

The itch to foster only intensified and when we saw TCR’s plea for foster homes in November 2019, we knew it was time to get back in the game. TCR was helping with yet another hoarding situation and were in desperate need of more foster homes. We applied, were interviewed and had our first foster cats within a week! Since November, we’ve had the pleasure of fostering and adopting out five cats and currently fostering our sixth.

As foster parents we provide the necessities, such as food, water and shelter, but we also provide daily enrichment, socialization, transportation to appointments, when needed, and are responsible for advocating for anything our foster may require. TCR also recognizes that foster parents know their fosters best and allow us to have the final say in whether a potential adopter is the best fit or not.

We’re SO happy to be a part of the TCR family because they continually put the cats needs first while ensuring foster parents are supported. It’s a real comfort to know that if our foster cat should fall ill, TCR will ensure they receive the veterinary care they require. A great example would be our current foster, Snowy, who was transported from Montreal on a April 4, 2020, and was seen by a vet Monday morning in a bid to manage her diabetes. Thank you so much for allowing us to be the bridge from their old life to their new one!

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