Another successful adoption

As you may know, Toronto Cat Rescue has continued our adoption program throughout the COVID-19 shutdown as part of being designated an essential service.

We have taken the utmost care to ensure that our procedures are safe for everyone involved. Virtual meet and greets and curbside pick up are helping us find some amazing forever homes!

Meet Socrates

After being transferred to TCR from Georgina Animal Services, Socrates is doing great according to his new family. They are very much in love with him. He’s been slowly warming up to and getting used to his new environment. He’s eating well and napping a lot, and he tends to sleep at the end of their bed every night. His cat tower is tall enough that he can get up on the window ledge and look out, so he spends a lot of time up there too.

We are so happy for everyone! Happy life Socrates!

You can find all of our available cats for adoption here –

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