National Volunteer Week – Thank you our Large Rescue Team!

Toronto Cat Rescue’s partnership with SPA Beauce Etchemin was stronger than ever in 2019. We transferred over 200 cats from this shelter, over 4 large rescues. Our friends in Quebec have a very low adoption turnover so live outcome is a huge challenge for them. TCR’s partnership has brought them such relief and changed the fortune for hundreds of cats.

The unsung TCR heroes who are on the front lines the day of the big intakes are our Large Rescue Team. This team of 10 volunteers (not all pictured) work non-stop for two days. They start preparing cages and supplies the day before. They are on their feet for 10-12 hours on intake day, attending to the needs of every cat. They perform basic health checks, and behaviour assessments so we can triage veterinary care and find the perfect foster match.

Watching them spring into action and work so tirelessly is one of the best demonstrations of TCR volunteer Teamwork. We are so fortunate to have such dedicated, passionate people.

One of the large rescue volunteers, Lynda Alman, says this about volunteering on the team:

“It is incredibly rewarding to help these beautiful cats who have gone through a difficult time in their lives before coming to us, and have travelled a long distance packed together in a truck. It’s so comforting to know that because of TCR, their medical issues will be dealt with, and they will be adopted into loving forever homes. The biggest bonus is working with a wonderful, dedicated group of people who volunteer their time to ensure that every cat that comes in is given all the love and care that is needed during their brief stay in the rescue centre. I’m so proud to be a part of TCR and the large rescue team”.

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