Can you step up to help Giselle?

2020 has started out a very challenging time for our communities, here and abroad. It’s hard to know where to turn for the right information and not be overwhelmed by what we see and hear on the news. But one thing we can always depend on, is the love and security that our companion animals give us in times of difficulty.

And that’s why our fosters, and all our volunteers continue to stand up everyday to rescue cats in need and get them into loving homes…cats like Giselle.

Giselle came to us from one of our partners just in time – found wandering out in the cold, with frostbitten ears and what we eventually discovered, a broken tail. Despite some tough times, she was still sweet and trusting.

Acting quickly, she has now had her tail amputated and is recovering well in foster – thanks to the sustainable support of our monthly donors.


Just $10 per month is enough to cover a neuter, vaccinations and flea & tick prevention for one cat at a low cost clinic. Hundreds of cats move through our program and you’ve made sure this one is ready for adoption into a loving home. You’re a cat crusader!

Learn more about Giselle’s story and how to become a monthly dono

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