Senior Sphinx need your help!

Crackers and Bonkers, a pair of hairless sphinxes, are two of the recent rescues.

This past week, Toronto Cat Rescue rescued 10 senior cats that had been surrendered by their owners, many 15 or more years old.  Imagine how scared and confused these older cats must be, losing the only home they have known. Each situation is different, and I am sure a heartbreaking decision for a family to make.  We are certainly not judging. It is for cats just like these that is our mission to support and know, that our foster homes are taking excellent care of all of them! 

As you know, many of the cats that come to TCR have been surrendered, but this situation is unusual  – to see so many elderly cats is a little bit heartbreaking. Often, the previous owner has passed away or can no longer care for the cats. And the care of senior cats can be very expensive, almost always involving dental work and potentially other chronic health needs.

Crackers and Bonkers, a pair of hairless sphinxes, are two of the recent rescues. They are 16 years and 10 years old respectively and they have early cataracts and one of them has a heart murmur. Further, they both needed full mouth dental extractions. The care they need will not be insignificant, nor come cheap. In our care, these specials kitties are recovering together and will get all they need to get back to full health. Luckily for these two hilarious and loving seniors, they are in the comfort of one of our amazing foster homes and have already received excellent health care at the Yonge-Davenport Animal Hospital. 

We can provide all the medical and social care needed to Cracker and Bonkers and all of the other seniors we rescued, with the help of supporters like you. A gift of any amount – $25, $40 or $75 will help us gives these cats all the care they need. You can make sure every senior cat will have a warm and loving place to live their best lives in their golden years.

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