Urgent: Foster Homes Needed

Are you considering adding a furry friend to your home, but are not sure that you can make a long term commitment? How about becoming a foster home? WE NEED YOU!

It has been an incredibly busy summer and fall for Toronto Cat Rescue. We had a late kitten season that doesn’t seem to want to end, as well as stepping up to help out other shelters in the area that were bursting at the seams. Our own on-going relationship with Toronto Animal Services means that we have been full to the brim with cats for months and months. It doesn’t look like there is a slowing down in sight for cats needing safe spaces. On top of our usual efforts, we have now been asked to help out with an urgent, local hoarding situation.

There is a large group of cats that need our immediate attention. All the cats are under 1.5 years of age, with the majority between 6 – 8 months old. They have all been given vet care and are all healthy.

The situation is urgent as the current shelter who responded to the case are swamped, and they need help!

This past spring and summer Toronto Cat Rescue responded immediately and generously to help with two very large hoarding situations, and while this one is not quite as large, the need is critical. The sad reality is that Animal Services in Toronto and the greater GTA deal with situations like this more than the public knows. 

Can you help these cats? If you are ready to say YES, I WANT TO BE A FOSTER, please fill out our online application and a volunteer will contact you with next steps!

Note: If you are not able to foster, we incur unexpected costs for caring for these cats until they are adopted, so all donations are appreciated.

TCR does not have a shelter, we have a network of loving foster homes that are such an important part of TCR’s program. Each foster home space that we have available represents one more cat that we can save. All of our volunteers are important, but without foster homes and adoptions, we would not be able to rescue any cats.

Please let us know if you can help, we need to take in these cats early this coming week – it’s a big commitment, but let’s step up for these cats in need!

Thank you so much, we are always grateful for your support.

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