Two Urgent Cases Need Your Help

It’s been a very busy summer as always for all of us at Toronto Cat Rescue and thanks to your support we have been able to help with several large hoarding situations in Toronto, in additional to all the regular cats and kittens that needed us. Our stores, our foster homes, our drivers, our adoption screeners – everyone has been working double time just to keep up!

But as always with rescue, it never stops and never slows down.

We have two separate but equally challenging funding needs in front of us. One is a sweet, senior boy that needs some extra special help and the other is a call for help from our friends in Quebec. The stories are below and we are desperate to get both funded so we decided why not share both and see if you can help.


Stevie is 10 and was abandoned in an industrial area before finding his way to TCR. We don’t know how long he was alone on the streets. We know that he is going to need special attention, including expensive dental work and care at his loving foster home. As a senior boy, who is blind, we will need to continue to monitor his health, which will involve extra vet visits to ensure he’s well enough to be adopted.

His foster mom reports that he has stolen her heart and the heart of everyone who meets him. We know that senior cats deserve a second chance at a happy and healthy life too and there is perfect furever home for him out there.

To help Stevie, click here.

Quebec Cats

Our friends in Quebec have had an overwhelming summer. They need help to rescue 60 cats from an overcrowded shelter. Of course, we could not say no.  They are arriving on Sept 26th, and will need veterinary care, including spay/neuter, vaccinations, and microchips. A gift of $125 helps us with the basics, to ensure every cat is healthy.

But we know from experience that there are always a few that will need our extra care for a few weeks or even months incurring unexpected vet bills along the way.  Ensuring cats are appropriately sterilized and vaccinated means fewer cats suffer unwanted litters or infectious diseases.

To help these 60 cats, click here.

Any help you can give to aid either the rescue or to help with Stevie would be incredible. A donation of $30, $50, $125 or whatever you can spare will allow us to give the care and attention these cats need.

We thank you for your ongoing support. Without you, we wouldn’t be able to keep responding to these urgent requests.
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