Two more hoarding situations – these cats urgently need your help!

This spring, Toronto Cat Rescue rushed to aid our friends at Toronto Animal Services as they managed two large hoarding situations – the first had 120 cats in one townhouse, the second with over 340 cats in one apartment. Thanks to the support from our community we were able to give over 180 cats the care and support they needed. We’re happy to let you know that almost all of the felines have now found loving forever homes.

But here’s the thing… not every hoarding situation makes the news. Since the last big rescue, we have helped out in two urgent hoarding situations; with cats that needed to be re-homed right away and given medical care – the most recent just yesterday! In each case we brought over 35 cats into our program – spay/neutered them, gave them any extra care they needed before placing them in loving homes. This is on top of our regular day-to-day rescue work; which is very busy at this time of year (kitten season). Providing this type of care to the neediest of cats comes at a high cost.

From our first in-take of 35 cats the expenses have run more than $7,000 in vet care, and we know that the second group is going to cost at least that much, if not more. We know what expenses to expect for our day-to-day rescue efforts, but you can never plan for situations like this. Therefore, we need your help.

A donation of $30, $50, $125 (or whatever you can spare!) will allow us to keep giving the care these cats need.

We thank you for your ongoing support – without you, we wouldn’t be able to keep responding to these urgent requests.

Spotlight on Oatmeal

One of the sweetest kittens that we rescued is Oatmeal. The poor kitten was all alone and had lost both of her eyes to a congenital deformity due to inbreeding, rendering her blind. She is still too little for the eye removal surgery that she will need, but for now she is getting all the care and love she needs to get stronger. The surgery and follow up care she needs will cost over $2,000. 

To help Oatmeal and others like her, donate today.

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