Meet Ricky & Mama!

Update: Ricky and Mama were adopted on January 19th!!

Meet bonded pair Ricky and Mama – they are sweet, shy cats who are seeking their calm, adult-only forever family together… will it be you?

Ricky came to Toronto Cat Rescue from a Georgina shelter in May of 2018. When he arrived at his TCR foster home he was very scared, and seemed angry. Our amazing volunteers never gave up on him, and eventually he let them hear his beautiful purr! He is still working on not being a scaredy cat, but luckily he has his best feline friend, Mama, to help me out. They support each other and are bonded like glue!

Mama was rescued from an overflowing shelter in Quebec. She arrived in TCR foster care very scared and shy. Part of her tail had to be removed due to frostbite – she doesn’t like her tail being touched or being picked up. As soon as Mama met Ricky her world changed. Shy Mama became happy and silly and much more brave! Mama is a curious girl who relies on her buddy Ricky to make her feel safe and secure.

ricky1Ricky is a sweet and friendly guy… once you get to know each other. He can be a little shy (and sometimes a little scared), but after a few days and a few treats he will quickly be your best friend offering purrs and love. He just needs his people to be patient with him and follow his lead because he is still always a little scared and learning to trust again.

Mama is a tiny girl who is often shy, so quick movements, loud noises and stomping feet really scare her. Ricky really helps her to feel safe in new situations. She does get braver the more time she spends with her humans, and will come for treats, pats and interactive playtime once she is comfortable.

Mama loves to play – she loves her feather toy and will spend hours (or as long as you want!) playing with you. She also loves to play at night with her jingle balls and chirping mouse. During the day she likes to sit up high and watch the world go by (but she does need a place to hide and feel safe if she needs too). She will come out of hiding for wet food!

Ricky is a very sweet and sensitive soul who loves to be pet and fed treats. Ricky really loves to eat kibble out of your hand! If you sit by his food bowl he will lean into you and demand that you hand feed him, then he will lick your fingers clean of all the crumbs!

mama2Mama’s foster family describes her as “a little wonder”. She is silly and fluffy and so loving once she is comfortable. She loves to play and is just waiting for that special family to take a chance on her. Ricky is a kind and quiet boy who only wants to be loved. He loves to play with his feather toy, and especially loves his friend Mama. He is a joy and a comfort and his foster parents feel so very lucky to foster him.

They will do best in a quiet home where they can take their time to get to know you and the home, and not be pushed out of their comfort zone. As a thank you for giving two best friends a loving forever home together, our adoption fee for an adult bonded pair (8 months or older) is $100 per cat, vs. $175 per cat.

Ricky was born May 4, 2012, and Mama was born April 16, 2015. Both have been spayed/neutered and are vaccinated.

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