Wobble Kittens Seek Family

Update: These beautiful kittens have been adopted together into their wonderful forever family!!

43706324_270809310433915_3502528259176792064_nMeet Thomas and Claire (born June 1, 2018)! These adorable bonded buddies have a condition called “cerebellar hypoplasia” or CH for short. It means the part of their brain that controls motor movement didn’t develop properly. It won’t get worse and their health is otherwise unaffected. Their life expectancy is not at all affected by CH. They really are just healthy goofy kittens that happen to be very uncoordinated!

With these two, what they lack in coordination they make up for in affection! They are SUPER snuggly and purr-y. They just love attention. They’re also very playful. They can’t jump, but Thomas certainly can climb! They have strong personalities and will let you know when they want food, or play, or attention in no uncertain terms.

Thomas and Claire are both moderate-to-severe CH. They cannot walk; they flop around. But don’t worry; they get where they’re going – just not always in a straight line! They both eat fine on their own, although they can be a bit messy. They are very good about using the litter box, but since they can’t stand up very well they sometimes make a bit of a mess on themselves. They will clean themselves/each other, but you should be prepared to help them occasionally.

43741397_998047027050078_344443745640382464_nThomas has a bit more coordination than Claire. Don’t let their condition fool you! They can move nearly as quickly as any kitten and can get into the same kind of mischief. They love their toys and will play for hours with the “track ball” toy in their foster home. Stuffed toys are no match for their fierce jaws and they clutch and kick their “prey” like any other feline.

CH cats need to be protected from stairs and need non-slip floors. Like with small children, corners and sharp edges should be covered to protect them. Click here for great information on CH cats. Thomas and Claire cannot wait to meet their forever humans, and hope they can join your family soon!

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