Meet little Tri-pawed Franklin

Every day Toronto Cat Rescue transforms the lives of misfortunate cats into happy adoption stories, but there are some rescues that just make us feel especially proud. Franklin is one of those special stories.

Franklin 1At just six weeks old, poor little Franklin was found outside with a horribly mangled, foul smelling, right front leg. We don’t know what exactly happened to Franklin, but the limb was badly fractured, and completely infested with maggots. Poor little guy was malnourished and emaciated. His coat was filthy and he was in severe pain. He was rushed to one of our vet clinics who performed emergency amputation surgery. Shortly after waking up from the operation, Franklin started hissing at clinic staff with some sassy feral kitten attitude. It was then that we knew he would pull through just fine!

Franklin is now fully recovered and totally socialized. He already has an adoption referral. His foster parents write:

Franklin 4When Franklin first arrived in our home he had just had his amputation and had to learn to walk again. We slowly introduced him to the 4 kittens we were currently fostering and set him up in a crate so he could watch them play and interact. He was a little scared at first but his interactions with the other kittens have helped him develop his confidence and have pushed him to use and strengthen his remaining 3 legs. He has watched the other kittens play, and knows he is just a little bit different and needs to modify his body and balance so he doesn’t fall over. While playing with a ball or toy mouse Franklin will sit back on his hind legs so he can bat at the toys and grab them. He has reached up on his back legs to use the scratching post, climbed chairs, run up the stairs, and even jumped over the baby gate!  He loves to chase his friends around the room, and has even won a few wrestling battles. He has greatly adapted to his modified ability over the last 4 weeks in foster care, and now his favourite thing is to curl up beside another kitten or human and enjoy a nap while loudly purring. 

Without your generous donations, cats like Franklin would not get a second chance. If you want to continue to help cats like Franklin, please donate.


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