Kitten Season Is Expensive!

It’s that time of year. Cats that have not been spayed become mama cats… fast! And there come the litters of kittens that have nowhere to go. Each of these kittens need shelter, food, litter, veterinary check-ups, vaccinations, and then to be spayed or neutered! AND each of the mama cats needs to be spayed once she’s finished nursing her little ones. There are also little kittens without mothers that require bottle feeding every two hours, expensive kitten meal replacement formula, continuous watching and weighing.

It’s a busy time of year for shelters, humane societies and rescues. Some have to shut their doors because there is “no room at the inn”, and our phone starts to ring. Toronto Cat Rescue tries to help whenever we can, and we use our wide network of foster homes to create space for these wayward kitties. Our focus in Toronto are cats in need from Toronto Animal Services (TAS) shelters.  Recently we’ve taken in groups of cats and kittens from Quinte Humane Society, Georgina Humane Society,  a rescue in Port Colborne, and from the Quebec SPA. We have helped over 100 kittens and cats just from these rescue efforts alone!

Donate5These felines need your help. TCR spends about $125 per cat just on the essential vetting (spay or neuter, age appropriate vaccines, deworming, and a checkup). That doesn’t include the cost of speciality food, litter, driving to appointments, or any other medical issue that crops up — and there are plenty of those cases! Toronto Cat Rescue saves cats that otherwise have no place to go. Will you help? Donate now to help during this incredibly busy and expensive time. All the wee ones, and the mamas, will be forever in your debt.

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