Meet Hawk: The Heart Stealer

hawkAround the time that the world lost the great Stephen Hawking, TCR rescued a woeful looking brown tabby boy who we decided to name “Hawk” as a tribute to the renowned Physicist. With his hunched over posture, Hawk reminded us a bit of his human namesake.

Hawk tested positive for FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus), a virus which weakens the immune system of a cat. Just as Stephen Hawking valiantly battled his ALS, cats who are properly cared for can still live long happy lives with a good diet, low stress, indoor home, loving family, and annual vet check-ins. Hawk does not require medication. He can live in a home with other non-FIV+ cats, as the virus is only passed to other cats by blood (ie. deep bite marks).

hawk2Hawk is safe in TCR foster care. He will be available for adoption soon. His foster mom shares: “Hawk is an occasionally shy, but super sweet guy. He can be very affectionate and adores head rubs and chin rubs. His pastimes include purring, cuddling and begging for food. In fact, one of the few times one will hear Hawk meow is when he believes it is food time. An easygoing guy, Hawk is more than content to just sit close by and nap while his humans watch TV. ” But watch out… Hawk will steal your heart!

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