Local Girl Bella Needs Your Help

bellaSweet Bella is a gentle, loving princess who likes to take it easy and relax on the couch whenever possible. She loves to sit right beside her humans, and will happily let you pet her for hours. Bella wakes up from her naps to play with her favourite toys (the yo-yo and laser mouse!). She likes to be mischievous and drink from any water cup she can find, and will tip the cup over while looking right at you. She is a very saucy entertainer who will put a smile on your face every day. Once Bella opens her heart up to you, she bonds like no other.

Bella has had a rough go of things from a medical perspective. Thanks to generous support from TCR supporters, like you, she has received the medical attention she has needed. She has had multiple operations over the past year. The most recent was a surgery to remove an obstruction, which has left her with a big incision scar. Thankfully Bella is recovering in the care of her loving foster family, and is finally feeling much better! Bella is on the mend, but the bills have mounted to nearly $10,000. We all hope (Bella included!) she doesn’t have to endure any more trips to the vet for awhile.

donateWe are reaching out for your help to make sure Bella has the care she needs to live a full and happy life. Toronto Cat Rescue covers the veterinary bills for all the cats in our care. With your support, we can ensure that we don’t have to turn any cat away because of high medical expenses. Did you know that TCR spends over $500,000 every year on vet bills, from neutering and vaccination to major surgeries, like Bella’s? We rely on the generosity of donors like you to help save cats every day. Please consider giving generously to help Bella and other cats like her. Thank you!

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