Frost Bite Girl: Meet Aimee

Sweet little Aimee was found out in the cold and brought to Toronto Animal Services. Aimee came in with frostbitten ears, nose, tail and vulva.  She was underweight, and hiding under the blankets at the shelter. She was transferred to the care of Toronto Cat Rescue in hopes of finding this little one a loving home once she has recovered.

TCR brought her in to the vet, where she required her ears to be clipped as the frostbitten parts just fell off. She’ll need her tail amputated as well.  Aimee recuperated a little at our Volunteer Centre, and is now with one of our wonderful foster families.  Aimee is a quiet, sweet girl, who now looks suspiciously like a Scottish Fold. One lucky adopter is going to have a very grateful companion!

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Remember: Keeping your cats indoors keeps them safe from disease, from harm, and from the cold on those bitter days when no one should be outside!

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