Dear Santa: Please Give Us Adoptive Families This Year

Our cats want to spend the holidays and years to come with their forever families, and we want to make sure they do! For the month of December all Toronto Cat Rescue cats two years and older have a reduced adoption fee of $75, versus our standard fee of $175. Let’s make their Christmas wish to Santa come true!


Dear Santa,

We have heard our humans talking about how you make wishes come true. We would love it if you could work some Christmas magic and have us adopted into our forever families this December. We would all love to have a family to call our own and to be a part of.

Us cats are all different and unique in our own way – so we hope you can find some loving families that are purr-fect for us to be apart of.  Some of us are round, some of us are slim. Some of us are older, and some of us are young. We are all in different locations around the GTA and Kitchener area. Some of us are in stores waiting to be adopted by people who shop at the stores, while some of us are in foster homes where wonderful families take care of us. Our foster families give us food, water, a warm place to sleep, but most importantly lots of love while we patiently wait for our forever families to adopt us. We would all be outside in the cold or in a lonely, overcrowded shelter if these amazing humans didn’t open their heart and home to us.

Santa, Toronto Cat Rescue is a volunteer driven, no-kill, non-profit rescue group. They don’t receive any government funding, and the donations they receive goes to helping us kitties! They are so nice and devoted to helping us!

Actually, you know what Santa? All the cats of TCR have two wishes this Christmas:

1. Please give all of the humans at TCR a happy, safe holiday season and New Year.

2. Please help us all find loving homes. Homes that will be warm, full of love and give us yummy food and treats! Families that will love us the way we are and be our forever homes.

We love you Santa!
   – The cats and kittens of Toronto Cat Rescue


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