Rescue In Action: Project Velcro

whitecatprojectvelcroToronto Cat Rescue is embarking on one of our most challenging rescue missions yet. Dubbed ‘Project Velcro’, we are working with a rural no-kill shelter that is over capacity by 400 cats. These felines are at risk of being seized and euthanized. 

It’s our goal to help as many of these cats as possible so that they may get needed medical treatment and a chance of living out a full life in a loving home. Please donate today to support this project.

We hope to save as many of these cats as possible. But we need your help to make it happen.

So far, 19 of the cats have been brought safely into TCR’s care, and we are aiming to rescue another 75 on January 31st.  Over the next couple of months, with your help, we hope to help the remaining cats.

The cost of the vet check and vaccinations for the first 75 cats is $3,750. And we already know that some of these cats are going to need a little extra TLC, which will mean additional costs. If you can, please help us save as many of these lives as possible by making a donation. Your donation of $50.00 can provide a cat with a medical exam and vaccinations. Every one of these 400 cats is counting on you. Thank you!

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