Help Save 40 Cats from Quebec!

Update: Fifty cats are off death row and now safe!!! The kitties are coming from Quebec – they are on-route to Toronto (October 14th)!! We have all but FIVE cats placed in foster families once they arrive. We could not leave these five behind, so they are coming too! They will be boarded at vet clinics until we have foster families for them. FIFTY CATS ARE BEING RESCUED TODAY!! Apply to foster, or donate to their care/boarding to support this amazing rescue! 


Last week, one of the overcrowded Quebec shelters we helped last summer reached out to Toronto Cat Rescue, with a dire emergency. They are unable to offer refuge to all the unwanted, abandoned and homeless cats who entered the shelter and 40 cute, friendly and highly adoptable cats are facing euthanasia. We desperately want to save these lives but we need your help!

TCR is the only organization that will undertake a rescue of this magnitude. We have a high capacity to rescue but even this one cannot be pulled off without some help. These highly adoptable cats have very little time left! There is a volunteer driver ready to leave Quebec City on Friday October 14, 2016 at 5am and travel over 10 hours to save them. But we cannot take all 40 unless we get more foster homes to temporarily house them.

Please help us save all 40 lives.

If you can foster one or more of them, even just for two weeks, please contact us immediately. Foster homes provide TLC, food and litter. TCR will cover all medical costs, if needed.

If you cannot open your home to one of these cats, please consider making a donation of $125 to sponsor one instead. The cats will require basic veterinary care and some are bound have unforeseen medical concerns. Our goal is to raise a minimum of $5000 to support their care. If you are unable to fully sponsor one of the cats, a gift of $40, $65 or $75 would go a long way in helping us reach our goal of $5,000. Support via donation now, click here.

Please help us be a good neighbour to cats in Quebec! Thank you!!