Adopt Two Extraordinary Cats

Although they don’t know it, Mohawk and Paddywhack are two exceptionally extraordinary cats. Initially when they were found in a box back in April, it was thought they had suffered severe injuries to their back legs. Their legs were badly deformed and they were unable to use them. A consult with a specialist confirmed that the deformities were likely congenital and that they were otherwise happy and healthy boys.

To initially see the boys is shocking, not just because they look so different, but because they have adapted perfectly despite their deformities.  They run as fast as any other cats, climb and play just like any other cats, race up and down the stairs and use their litter box perfectly. Nothing holds these two back from living and enjoying life to the fullest.

Mohawk and Paddywhack are two of the sweetest cats you will meet.  They are always happy to see you, never without a purr, and ready to snuggle by your side at night.  They love everybody and everything – kids, other cats and dogs included.

Because they pull themselves around with their front legs and drag the back end of their body, they require a home without carpeting to cause friction burn.  They will also need to remain on the lower end of a normal body weight.  Because they are unable to jump, they do use their claws to climb up furniture.

This dynamic duo are ready to take over your home and your heart! Adopt them today by filling in our online adoption form now!

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