Draft Your Fantasy Feline Today!


Hey Fans!!!  Fall is upon us and it is time to pick a kitty to join your team! We have a squad of felines who promise to be big contributors to your family!

mirafootballThere is a lot of buzz surrounding Mira, a stunning calico out of Pawtucket Collegiate. She loves to watch movements on the screen and would be a great buddy to watch the game with you.

kevinfootballKevin would be a great fit at receiver, as he will happily snag all of your love! This not-so-grizzled veteran has been waiting patiently for his big break and will give it his all for you if you pick him!

If you are looking to take a chance on a young up-and-comer, Whippet might be a great pick! A rookie out of Purrrrdue,whippetfootball this feisty little fellow would be a great pick-up for an experienced coach, who can invest the time and training needed to build his trust and confidence. With patience and love, he promises to be a standout addition to your team.

If you are looking for some sleeper picks… well do we have some of those for you! BambiPrudence and Batman are all ready to join your team today!

Draft your Fantasy Feline today!