Help For Lolly Needed

Good News: LOLLY is still recovering, but in her FOREVER HOME! Her amazing foster family has decided to adopt her, and make her a permanent member of their family. Thank you to everyone who has supported Lolly’s journey.

Remember to keep your cat safe if they are allowed access to a balcony.


Lolly Update: Thank you to everyone who donated to Lolly’s care – you are all awesome! We have good news to share. Lolly is ready to be moved into a foster home! She will need another 4-6 weeks of cage rest while her broken paw heals. She is eating on her own, is gaining weight and is no longer in pain.

linelollyThis past week, our volunteers have had another terrible reminder of the dangers that balconies pose to cats.  Lolly, a one year old female Maine Coon, fell from a 15th story balcony, lacerated her leg, broke her front paw, and dislocated her jaw.  Her owners were not able to afford the care she needed.  She was surrendered to Toronto Animal Services and transferred to TCR to continue care. Please help TCR with Lolly’s care by making a donation.

Because of these very serious injuries Lolly sustained, she has been unable to eat on her own and needed a feeding tube inserted to help get her the nutrition she needs. Pain management has been difficult for the vets as Lolly’s injuries are so complex and severe. Several vets were consulted on her care and she was transferred to the Veterinary Emergency Clinic (VEC) for surgery with a specialist.

Lolly is still in the care of the VEC but will be transferred back to a TCR clinic shortly for post-operative care.  Her care has been expensive.  Lolly’s vet bills are estimated at $5,000.  Please help us get Lolly back to health so she can enjoy a long life by making a donation today.

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