Rescue in Action – Sammy

Meet Sammy, a Survivor

This month, Toronto Cat Rescue has stepped up to help two large groups of cats from Quebec. Two weeks ago, we welcomed 38 adults and 2 infants from Humane Society International (HSI). Next, we stepped up to help 30 cats from an overcrowded shelter just outside of Quebec City.

That’s 70 cats who are now safe in TCR foster homes. Your donations are what make this possible. Please donate today!

Meet Sammy. His is but one of 70 heart-warming stories to share. When Sammy was found, he was a stray cat who was suffering from a terrible cold. No one expected him to survive. 

When he arrived at the shelter, Sammy was extremely emaciated and dehydrated – so much so that the shelter had to feed him small amounts of food to avoid making him sick. After a month of care at the shelter, Sammy was ready for a home, but he had a hard time standing out to adopters in an overcrowded shelter, especially as he has a moderate heart murmur.

Now settling in with a TCR foster parent, Sammy is understanding for the first time what it means to have a home and will be available for adoption very soon.

You can help cats like Sammy today. Please make a donation and stand up for abandoned cats.

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