Mega Toronto Pet Adoption Event

UPATE: We are excited to announce that we had 103 adult/senior cat adoptions (40 on Friday / 63 on Saturday) at the Mega Pet Adoption event. The event was a massive success and resulted in more than 600 pets across all shelters & rescue groups finding lifelong loving homes.

Due to the huge success, the Mega Pet Adoption Event will be closed tomorrow (Sunday). If you are looking to add a cat to your family, please go to to find your cat match.

A heartfelt thank you to all of our volunteers who donated their time and talents. Without you TCR would not have been able to participate in this amazing event.


Toronto Cat Rescue cats will be at this weekends MEGA event.  They can’t wait to be adopted into your family!  Please remember to bring a cat carrier to bring your new family member safety home in. Please pay the $25 adoption fee in cash. mega2015

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