Why I’m Bowling for Cats (and you should too!)

On May 2nd, please join the Toronto Cat Rescue Bowl-a-thon. Registration closes on April 11th, so register today!

By Wendy F. (Toronto Cat Rescue volunteer and foster parent)

I am bowling for Luna. The surprise I never expected who has captured my heart and now owns my home.

Luna and her sister Rosie came to me just before Christmas of 2013 when Toronto Cat Rescue (TCR) was having a hard time finding them a temporary home. Despite the busy holiday season, I simply couldn’t refuse these sweet sisters. They were just two of 120 cats that had been living in a crowded 700 square foot apartment in Toronto. The individuals who lived with these cats found their situation quickly becoming completely unmanageable and they desperately needed help. So they contacted several rescue organizations, including TCR.

TCR foster parents really stepped up and made this rescue possible and incredibly, each and every one of the cats found placements. And eventually, they found loving, forever homes too. Luna didn’t have to look far to find hers.

Luna and Rosie couldn’t have been more different. From day one Luna was more standoffish and independent and would take swipes at the smaller Rosie. Rosie was more approachable and playful right from the beginning. They stayed together all the time but weren`t bonded from what I could see. They had obviously known hunger because they would eat every morsel of food presented to them.

Not surprisingly, Rosie was quickly adopted by a young couple. After she was gone, Luna seemed to come out of her shell, probably because now she was truly the only baby in the house. Yet she wasn’t lucky enough to find her forever home as quickly as her sister, even after she attended an adoptathon. Soon after the adoptathon, I made a decision. Luna would be my forever baby.

That was over a year ago now.

Since then I’ve fostered a couple more times… three gorgeous little kittens whom I named Scarlett, Rhett and Ashley; then a gorgeous polydactyl named Sabrina who came from a hoarding situation in Quebec.

During this time Luna has blossomed… she sees them come and go but she stays. It’s like the stress and weight of the world has been lifted off of her. She knows she can trust me and depend on me. Her little face has become prettier than it was and she is playful like she never was… she races around and plays with boxes and catnip toys and her beloved scratching post. It is a beautiful thing to see. Recently she started sleeping on my bed… something she learned from Sabrina and Ginger. In the morning she starts talking and tapping me on the face. I love her dearly, and because of the joy she has brought me, I am fundraising for Toronto Cat Rescue’s Bowl-a-thon to help create even more stories like mine. 

P.S. If you can’t join me at the Bowl-a-thon this year, please consider making a pledge instead: https://www.canadahelps.org/en/pages/bowl-a-thon-for-cats/