The Story of Mr. Burns

UPDATE: Mr. Burns has been adopted!!

At the end of January, the wonderful folks at Toronto Animal Services responded to a call about an injured cat struggling outdoors in the freezing cold.  Suspecting frostbite, he was taken directly to an emergency clinic for treatment.  It turns out this sweet and handsome fellow was suffering from thermal burns to all four paws and part of his tail.

Due to our Partnership with Toronto Animal Services, we were able to transfer Mr. Burns in to our care so he could recuperate in a foster home.  Mr. Burns required several trips to the vet to have his burns cleaned and bandages changed.  His foster mom made sure he was comfortable at all times by providing soft surfaces to rest on and adequate pain medication.  He had to have part of his tail amputated and was neutered.  Sadly, it was also discovered that he is FIV+.

Mr. Burns will be back on his paws in another week or so.  We will never know for sure whether he incurred the burns accidentally or as a result of abuse, but we have promised him that we will find somebody special who will provide him a safe, warm home for the rest of his life.

Your donation to Toronto Cat Rescue will enable us to give Mr. Burns, and cats like him, the medical and rehabilitative care they need to survive.  Please donate today.

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