Fun-Loving Feline Seeks Family

Gerry is a special little dude who has had a rough start, but will win your heart in a second. He wants a family to cherish him as he grows up, and in return he promises to fill your home with laughter (he wears sweaters!). We are seeking a loving family for Gerry who will keep him healthy and well loved.

Gerry is an adorable, young, cuddly fellow with bright and curious eyes. His favourite place is on your shoulder with his head nuzzled against your neck. He also loves to hop on your back if you bend over and rather than jump off again, he usually decides to lie down right there and purr in your ear. Gerry is very playful and has lots of energy since he is still quite young. At his current foster home, he enjoys playing tag with his foster brother – Gerry would do well in a home with another cat that can keep up with him.

Unfortunately this little guy has had a very rough start with two bladder surgeries under his belt and is prone to urine accidents. When he was first rescued, he developed bladder stones at the rare age of four months and he needed surgery to remove them. Since then, his bladder has had trouble recovering and has persistent cystitis.  The vet says it is possible for him to recover fully but he will likely have recurring issues. Gerry is on a special diet and medication because of his bladder issues.

Despite his troubles, Gerry is a very happy guy. All the medication and treatments conducted on him could not affect the size of Gerry’s heart.  He has won many hearts at the vet’s office as well as the hearts of his foster parents and really anyone he comes into contact with. He can be a lot of work, but this sweet boy is worth it!  He lives to love and to be loved; this is what has saved him. Gerry seeks his forever family, and he hopes it is you!

Born June 17, 2014 Gerry has been neutered and vaccinatedTo adopt, call us 416-538-8592, press #1, fill in our adoption online form on our Adopt A Cat page.

If you are unable to adopt at this time, a donation to Gerry’s health care is very much appreciated: Donate Now.