60 Cats Update: Your Help is Still Needed!

Thanks to generous supporters like you, we’ve hit our original goal of $10,000 – but every additional dollar helps us assist more cats in 2015. Please help us start 2015 with the resources to help cats who are desperate for a second chance.

On December 13th, Torontonians stepped up and joined the Toronto Cat Rescue team, offering temporary homes for fifty cats rescued by Humane Society International (HSI). An additional ten cats were placed by HSI, so all sixty cats are now settling into homes while they await their forever families to adopt them.

No cat was left behind. Cats with FIV, dental problems, allergies and ongoing medical needs were placed in Toronto Cat Rescue foster homes Saturday night, and we will do whatever it takes to ensure they too have a promising future.

Donations are very much needed to support this incredible rescue effort. Please click here and donate now. Although donations of any amount are greatly needed and appreciated, please consider making a contribution of $200 to provide care to one of these cats.

To everyone who has helped with this amazing rescue so far, thank you! The cats were denied the most basic care and many were visibly sick when HSI seized them from deplorable conditions and brought them to their temporary, emergency shelter. After many months of care and recovery in the emergency shelter, the cats are ready for this next step. Thanks to all of you, they now have brighter futures with plenty of love and lots of catnip!

Please make a contribution today to support their ongoing medical care and long-term needs while in foster care. We hope to raise $10,000 for these cats by January 1st, and you can help make it happen!

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