Urgent Appeal For Foster Families

UPDATE: 50 cats arrived safely in Toronto on Saturday, December 13th (10 were placed by the HSI at the last moment) – they are now in their foster families. The cats will be listed on our Adoptable Cats page shortly.

We need your help in working a Christmas miracle. The Humane Society International: Canada has asked Toronto Cat Rescue for urgent help in placing approximately 60 cats who were seized from deplorable conditions. The cats were denied the most basic care and many were visibly sick upon rescue. They have been in an emergency temporary shelter for many months receiving necessary care, and are now ready to be transferred to foster homes to await adoption.

If you are able to foster one or more of these cats, even for just 2-3 weeks, please contact us (the sooner the better!). Foster families play a very important role by providing tender-loving-care, food, and socialization. The cats will be vaccinated and spayed/neutered prior to arriving in your home. TCR will cover any further required medical costs. If you have a warm room and a loving heart, please open your door to a cat in need.  Fill in our online form TODAY to help us work a miracle for these very deserving cats.  Let’s get these precious felines out of the cages and onto the right path to connecting with their forever families. You can make a life saving difference this year… will you?

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