Tommie Seeks Loving Family

Tommie3Tommie is a sweetheart with beautiful orange markings. She adores having her head rubbed and enjoys lots of scratches behind the ears. Although she can be a bit of a fraidy-cat when first adjusting to a new environment, she quickly warms up and lets her personality shine. At her foster house, Tommie is a super relaxed cat. She likes to curl up near humans and happily mellow-out. She’s a lover, not a fighter, and will meow in indignation when she’s annoyed rather than biting or scratching.

Tommie has some very cute vocalizations, and a loud rumble-y purr. Fun fact: Tommie becomes absolutely mesmerized when trying to chase the laser pointer. It’s her favorite toy! Tommie would do best in a home without dogs, but she may like a cat friend who is just as chill and well-behaved as she is.

Born September 15, 2010, Tommie has been spayed and vaccinatedTo adopt, call us 416-538-8592, press #1, fill in our adoption online form on our Adopt A Cat page.

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