Update: Nera

neraUpdate: Nera has a home!
Nera’s life so far hasn’t been easy. She’s been bounced from home to home multiple times, and once again is urgently looking for a new foster or adoptive family.Nera is not happy in her current home, and is quickly running out of time there. Unable to find an appropriate foster home for her so far, Toronto Cat Rescue is now appealing to the public for help in finding her a home before her time runs out.Most devastating to Nera is that at one point, she found a foster home that was the perfect match for her, and her personality really bloomed there. Sadly, that foster family is no longer available to foster Nera due to a move to a new apartment, and so she is living in a precarious situation with no one willing to offer her a home.Nera is a sensitive cat that does not react well to situations where she is overstimulated or not given enough attention. In the wrong home, she acts out and can become aggressive and destructive. In the right home, however, she is a lovely sweetheart who will melt your heart with her endearing personality. We don’t want to give up on her yet – surely the right home is out there for her?

The perfect home for Nera would be quiet, with an experienced cat owner who does not have any other pets or children. Her home should be patient during the adjustment period and should be home a lot during the day to give her attention.

At only 3 years old, Nera truly deserves a chance at a forever home.
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