Calling Future Adoption Counselors!

Roary3Adoption Counselors play a vital role in our organization.  By screening and educating potential adopters, not only are they ensuring that the cats in our program go to safe and loving homes, they are also helping us to save more lives.  Each cat they successfully coordinate an adoption for creates space to bring a cat at risk of euthanasia in to our program.

The role is very demanding; however it is also one of the most rewarding roles in TCR.  The Adoption Counselor (AC) role is performed from your home, using your home computer and phone.  You will be assigned a weekly time slot (generally 4-6hrs long) during which time you will be responsible for all the adoption inquiries that come in.  Initial contact with potential adopters is expected to be made within 24hrs, however it is very likely that you will be handling your cases throughout the week as you will be arranging screening conversations based on your schedule and that of the potential adopter.  You can expect to spend roughly 6-8hrs per week on average in this role.

So what do we look for in an AC?

As an AC you can expect a large volume of email.  You will never wake up to an empty inbox again and will instantly feel more popular than ever.  You must be familiar with Gmail and Google Docs.  You know how to work an inbox.  Flagging, filing, prioritizing, archiving and searching is a piece of cake for you.   You know your way around a spreadsheet and can find things without having to read through row after row of data.

You have strong customer service skills and are a good conversationalist.  You are comfortable leading a conversation, patient when people need educating and not quick to jump to conclusions based on biases or incomplete information.  You are not afraid to say no to people when necessary and are able to make decisions without consulting a magic eight ball.  You can work in a group of volunteers with different personalities (often conflicting) and backgrounds.  You can handle stressful situations and you are not so sensitive that perceived catty comments will have you sharpening your claws or heading for the hills.

You could write a book about time management and juggling multiple cases at a time won’t lead to a breakdown.  When things need to be done you do them without being asked or reminded a dozen times.  You know you are doing a good job by the number of cats you save, not by the number of pats on the back.

Most importantly, you have a gigantic heart.  You are saddened by the number of homeless cats.  You know that you have the time and skills required to be an awesome AC and are driven by success.  You want to go to bed at night knowing that you had a direct hand in saving a furry life and wake up wanting to save more.  You want to be part of a team that is supportive (well most of the time) and meet new friends.  You want to make a difference.

Please apply today and join our amazing team: online application here!  Thank you!

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