Don’t Forget Me!

Smuckers2Cats 8 months and older are $80 in April

Kitten season has arrived, and this means that Toronto Cat Rescue is receiving word of pregnant cats and infant kittens on a daily basis. Many adopters are anxiously waiting for these newborn kittens to become ready for adoption. Yet as cute as the new babies are, last year’s kittens are left wondering, what about me?

During the spring and summer, adult cat adoption rates typically plummet. Too often these cats, who are by no means old, are outshone by their miniature lookalikes. They sit in foster care for months on end with little to no interest in them from prospective adopters, which means that many other adult cats cannot be rescued in their place.

Our solution? Let’s find homes for as many of these adult cats today, before the kittens take center stage! For the month of April, all Toronto Cat Rescue cats who are 8 months or older will have a reduced adoption fee of $80 (seniors cats 8 years or older are a donation of your choice).

There are many benefits to adopting an adult cat, and these include:

1)    Their personalities are already developed. Our foster homes can tell you all about their individual needs and preferences, so that we can match you with the right personality for your family

2)    We likely will already know how they are with other animals or kids, and many will already have had exposure and socialization with them

3)    An older cat is likely to be calmer and less destructive than a young kitten

4)    An older cat is more independent and able to entertain themselves (i.e. nap in the sunny window!) while you are at work

5)    Adult cats are already litter trained, spayed/neutered, and fully vaccinated

Most importantly, all kittens will quickly grow up to be the 1 year old that is so easily overlooked. Young adults offer many more years of fun and joy without the hassle and mess of a baby. Plus, you’ll save two lives by adopting one, by making room in a foster home for another cat to be rescued during this busy season.

Adopt one of our lovely adult cats today! Call us at 416-538-8592, press 1, or fill out our online adoption form.

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