Who, me? I’m no senior!

Kitty2If Kitty could talk, she’d tell you she doesn’t feel old at all. And yet despite the fact that many cats live to be 15-20 years of age or older, they are usually labeled as seniors when they turn 8 years old. Can you imagine being labeled as a senior before reaching the halfway point in your life?

For many cats, turning 8 years old means that they are overlooked for younger cats in shelters, and most will be euthanized simply because no one wants them. Toronto Cat Rescue is making an effort to save senior cats from euthanasia in Toronto’s shelters, but we need your help.

Please adopt an older cat today!

In an effort to save more senior cats from certain death, effective March 1st 2014, all cats who are 8 years or older will have their adoption fees waived. Instead, we ask potential adopters to make a donation of their choice.

Older cats have many more years of love to give and are far less immature than the kittens that so often outshine them. Their personalities are developed, and they get into far less trouble. Best of all, by adopting one of our older cats, you will free up a foster home so that they can save another golden life.

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