Needed: Loving Forever Families

sweetwilliam397 lives.

That’s how many cats Toronto Cat Rescue (TCR) volunteers thought were living in an overcrowded Toronto home in desperate need of rescue over the holidays. As rescue efforts began, however, the cats were recounted and we soon discovered that we had taken on our largest rescue mission ever. The final count revealed a total of 120 cats and infant kittens living in a home that was less than 700 square feet.

Many of the kittens were severely malnourished and despite our best efforts, a few did not survive. And yet within weeks TCR foster homes stepped up and our incredible network had found temporary homes for all of the surviving cats.

The busy holiday season saw many of these cats find their adoptive homes. But we’re not done yet.

Of the initial 120 that were rescued, 33 are still looking for adoptive families. Most of the cats are young and healthy. Despite having lived in an extremely stressful environment, they have lovely temperaments and just need a little encouragement to settle into a new home.

Cats like Sweet William deserve a home to call their own. They’ve only ever known endless competition for attention, food and a space to sleep.

For the month of February only, all of the cats rescued from this overcrowding situation have a reduced adoption fee of $100. The following nine cats are just some of those still available for adoption. To see all of the cats from this rescue effort with a $100 adoption fee, please go to our adoptable cats list. They are identified with a star (*) next to their names.

Let’s spread the love around this month and find each and every one of these cats a special home. To adopt, please call us: 416-538-8592, press 1 or fill out our adoption form.

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