Your Best New Year’s Resolution: Adopt a Fat Cat

The New Year is upon us and with this we enter a season of resolutions that are likely to be forgotten in a month’s time. This year, don’t bother making a resolution you can’t keep. Adopt, and save a life instead! In fact, why not adopt a cat that is overweight and help him or her find a forever home and trim down their waist line. You’ll feel much better limiting someone else’s treats for a change!

During the month of January, adopt one of these overweight TCR foster cats for a reduced adoption fee of $100. Overweight cats require some extra care in that they must be on a portion-based high quality diet and they cannot have food left out for them at all times. You may need to find creative ways to get them to exercise, and time and patience is necessary during the process. All of these chubby cats promise to love you despite the diet!

To adopt one of these special cats, call TCR at 416-538-8592 X1 or fill out our adoption form.

Obesity in domestic pets is a growing problem in North America. TCR has seen a increasing number of cats returned to us years after they were adopted, often due to reasons easily linked to the cat being overweight with health problems such as diabetes or urinary tract infections. It can be extremely difficult to get a cat to exercise and lose weight, but it is such an important aspect of preventing health problems down the road.

For more information on maintaining or reaching a healthy weight for your current (or future!) overweight cat, please visit this website:

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