Exciting News For 2014!

SampsonWe have an exciting announcement to make that will shift the way Toronto Cat Rescue (TCR) operates and the goals we have as an organization.  Starting January 1st, 2014, TCR will be officially partnering with Toronto Animal Services (TAS).  TCR will be focusing our efforts on rescuing from TAS in order to reduce the number of feline companion animals euthanized in the City of Toronto shelters.  This initiative will support the no-kill movement in the city that aims to achieve a goal of 90% of all cats in Toronto shelters being rescued, reunited with their owners, or adopted into loving families.  TCR will be rescuing cats that are ill, need extra care or socialization, orphaned, geriatric, and/or do not thrive in the shelter environment.  By rescuing these cats, treating them for any ailments they have, and preparing them for adoption, we are saving them from potential euthanasia and giving them a chance at having a forever home.

In 2012, TAS euthanized 2,921 potentially adoptable cats.  In the same year, TCR adopted out just over 1,700 cats.  By supporting TAS through rescuing cats they are not equipped to handle (sick or struggling with the shelter environment), TCR hopes to reduce the euthanasia rate in Toronto significantly.

Through this partnership, we will make it safer for owners and rescuers to bring their cats to the shelter without fear of them being euthanized if they become sick or do not thrive in the environment.  If owners and rescuers feel comfortable taking their cats to TAS, we will have fewer cats suffering on the streets of our city, thus reducing the pressure on rescue groups and independent rescuers.

In 2014, TCR is celebrating its 20th anniversary as a rescue group and charity. We strive to truly make a difference in the battle with our city’s overpopulation crisis.  We want to eliminate the unnecessary deaths in our shelters.  For 2014, our goal is to rescue at least 1,500 cats from TAS and in light of our 20th anniversary; we want to increase our adoptions to 2,200.

Over the last few years there have been many positive changes in the rescue world in Toronto.  The free TNR clinics have been set up through TAS and Toronto Street Cats, and the Toronto Feral Cat Project workshops and The Feral Cat Recovery Centre are tremendous assets to the TNR movement.  Because of these initiatives, TCR can focus its efforts on the shelter environment rather than duplicating work that is being done by other groups and organizations.

TCR’s strengths lie in our adoption program.  We have many dedicated foster homes who care for the cats in our program, a passionate team of Adoption Counsellors who diligently screen potential adopters for our foster cats, and a core group of volunteers who work tirelessly in our partner stores, field post adoption issues, and manage vet appointments.  We want to utilize the strength of our adoption program to improve animal rescue in Toronto.

In the past, TCR’s rescue efforts have been spread so thinly that we have not been able to make an impact or a difference in the reality that many cats face every day.  We hope that this focused direction gives us the power to drive change in a positive direction for cats in need and the rescue world in Toronto.  We also hope that with success in Toronto we will be able to implement this strategy and lessons learned further in Southern Ontario in years to come.

Please see the Question and Answer Document for further information.

Thank you very much.

The TCR Executive

2 Comments on “Exciting News For 2014!

  1. Reblogged this on thejavawitch and commented:
    This is really good news. Cats need love too. This is a great way to start a new year off. Keep positive. Thejavawitch

  2. Toronto Cat Rescue is truly striving to be in the forefront to reduce the overpopulation of abandoned and homeless cats in Toronto. Keep up the great work you all are doing and have a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2014!

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