Your Help Is Needed To Save 120 Lives

97livesFoster Homes, Adoptive Families and Donations Desperately Needed!

120 cats out of a total of 120 in an overcrowded home have been rescued so far. Please consider opening your doors to a cat in desperate need. If you don’t have the space or time to take in one of these cats, donations are also urgently needed to cover the approximately $15,000 in veterinary bills the cats will incur.

You can make a difference today!

On November 16th, four TCR volunteers assessed a very overcrowded, small home. The home is approximately 700 square feet with 120 cats and kittens living inside. The owners have been doing their best to keep the cats fed but there is just not enough to go around and many of the young kittens are severely malnourished.

Despite malnourishment and isolation in a stressful living environment, most of the cats appear quite healthy and social. But there is no doubt that they need loving foster and adoptive families to help them adjust to the trauma of being uprooted from the only existence they have ever known.

If you are able to foster one or more of these cats, even for just 2-3 weeks, please contact us immediately. Foster homes provide TLC, food, socialization, and in some cases, the cats will need medicating. TCR will cover all medical costs.

We appreciate all of the support of new foster families – fill in our foster application today, and a volunteer will get back to you as soon as possible.

To adopt, please call 416-538-8592 press 1, or fill in our online adoption form.

If you cannot open your home to one of these cats, please consider making a donation of $150 to sponsor one of them. This is the average veterinary cost for each cat rescued – bringing our fundraising goal to $15,000. You can make it happen!

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11 Comments on “Your Help Is Needed To Save 120 Lives

  1. I would love to adopt one of these cats! Could I get pictures of any that are available ?

    Thanks 🙂

    • Fabulous! Some are available for adoption and are currently on the site… lots more to come! Please contact our adoption counselors and they can give you more info: (416) 538-8592

  2. I’m not local but I’d be willing to foster if one is needed! 🙂

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