Feral Cat Feeders Needed in York Region of Toronto

sidneycolonyFeral cat feeders are needed at a TCR colony. The Sidney/Belsey, located in the west end of Toronto at Weston / Lawrence, is desperately seeking dedicated feeders.

Feeding takes place between 5pm and 8pm. As a feeder you are asked to go weekly on your own designated day(s), and place dry and wet cat food down. Feeders pay for their own food but will be given donations if we receive any. This is a great way to help TCR and directly making a difference in the lives of needy cats. You stay in touch with the colony trappers to ensure any new cats are reported. The cats will be so thankful for your good deed!

Important Note: There is only one feeding area which takes place at the back of the school property, near the forest and school garbage bins. There are approximately three to four cats waiting for their meal when you arrive. It’s a delight to watch them fill their hungry tummies.

Temporary Help Needed: The current feeder will be on vacation between the dates of Dec. 2nd to Dec. 12th.  If you are not able to fully commit to this location, it would be appreciated if these 10 days could be covered. Food will be provided for this period only.

Please fill in our Volunteer Form today to start helping!  The cats appreciate it – especially when it is so cold outside!

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  1. OMG…My daughter and I would love to feed the kitties at this Colony. We live right at the intersection of Weston and Lawrence. We are already volunteers for TCR. Please email us to discuss a time where we can touch base.

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