Senior, Diabetic CAPRICA SIX Needs Your Help!


Caprica Six is a special girl who is in urgent need of a foster or adoptive family. Six was adopted from TCR in 2009 and is now being returned. She needs your help! If you have a quiet home with no other pets, please consider fostering or adopting her. As she has special needs, she currently has no options and is living in limbo. Contact us today to give Six the stability she deserves.

Six is a senior and she is diabetic. She is being returned to TCR because she cannot cope with the stress of her busy home and is having litter box problems as a result. We are confident that in a quiet home she will be much more comfortable and will settle into a happy retirement.

A little more about this special girl…

My name is Caprica Six. I’m the sweetest cat you’ll ever meet. Why am I so confident? Because whenever I come home from the vet or a visit with a friend, they always say, “Six is absolutely the sweetest cat I’ve ever seen!” Case closed.

I would be most happy in a home where I can get all the attention I need and, in my humble opinion, deserve. I’ll greet you and everyone else at the door with head-butts, I will keep your lap and bed warm, I’m not going to wake you up in the morning for food, and like many, I love windows.

Something else you should know – I have diabetes. I’d need you to give me two insulin shots a day and feed me my diabetic vet food. It’s not a lot of work, and makes me feel so much better. I promise to give you kisses and head-butts before, during and after. I enjoy getting the shots. I also have a bit of a tendency to get a runny eye or the occasional sneezing problem, but I am used to it and it doesn’t phase me. You should know however that I have had 11 of my teeth removed and do have ongoing dental problems associated with my old age. Please don’t let my old age deter you. I deserve a special home just as badly as the next cat. Could you be the person that is just right for me?

Six has been spayed, vaccinated and declawed.  She was born March 15, 2007.

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  1. Our diabetic cat has just passed out today and we’d like to donate the Caninsulin (12 ml) and syringes (65 PCs.) we have left.

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