Jewels Wants to be Your Precious Gem!


Jewels was found in horrific living conditions in a home with fifty other cats. Emaciated, covered in fleas which left scabs and open sores on her body, pregnancy and very sick. The home had no litter pan, and Jewels suffered from urine and fecal burs to all pads of her feet. The day Jewels came home to her foster moms she was very quiet an allowed them to clean her weeping wounds. While sitting on the bathroom floor, Jewels put both her paws around her foster mama’s necks and held on very tightly for almost an hour! There they sat because Jewels knew she was safe and was so appreciative of their help. Jewels was treated for her ailments and has been very trusting of her foster mamas. All through her pregnancy Jewels loved to have her round belly rubbed while she purred loudly. She gave birth to four beautiful babies that she adores. Jewels is very protective of her little ones, but has been co-parenting with her other furry mama roommate the last nine weeks. She is not fond of the other cats or dog in the home, but this may be due to her protecting her kittens. She is very attention even now. Jewels is a warm and loving girl who needs a home that is quiet, loving and patient. She loves to play with all the babies – both hers and the other mamas, and helps to make sure they are all groomed and comforted. Jewels would do best in a home with one of her kittens as they have bonded so closely (she crises when she can’t see her babies). As Jewels can be dominant with other cats, which stems from having to fight for food and survival in the hoarding environment she knew most of her life. This sweet and quiet baby deserves the chance to be someones everything and know how much love there is in the world.

Jewels loves attention and to be scratched on her chest while she lays on her back. She also loves to play with cat nip toys and can be found cooing while hugging a mouse! We don’t know the struggles of Jewels past, but we can make her future a safe and loving place!

Jewels was born January 1, 2012, and is spayed and vaccinated.

3 Comments on “Jewels Wants to be Your Precious Gem!

  1. Jewels is settling in well in her new home! Loves her belly rubs =)

  2. So happy for you Jewels! You will always be in our hearts! We love you! May your furever home be the warmest and happiest! Xoxox

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