Payne Would Love To Be Adopted!

payne3A true black beauty with shiny medium length hair, a follower with determination – Payne will win your heart. She stays close to you, following you from floor to floor and often room to room. One of her favourite spots is sleeping on top of the ironing board while her foster mom watches television in the same room. When her foster mom returns from an outing, Payne is usually waiting by the front door and always wants a belly rub before she will let her into the house.

Payne’s personal habits are excellent, grooming herself frequently and using the scratching boards in each room. She uses her litter boxes regularly, preferring one box for urinating and a different box for defecating, although she does sometimes use the same box for both. She enjoys being picked up anytime, but if over-stimulated, she prefers to play with your hand and give love bites rather than letting the hand pet or brush her.

A typical Payne day begins when you get up in the morning; she will not wake you up, but once up, she lets you know, with very persistent meowing and body language, that your first task is to feed her. Once fed, she settles down in a place that enables her to see or hear you, wanting you to be nearby. If you are in the kitchen, don’t be surprised if she has come up and sat right behind you as you wash dishes or prepare dinner; and if you move from your chair, be careful as she often jumps up and occupies it as soon as you get up. Her favourite toy is a feather teaser that she carries from room to room. She enjoys a friendly game of tag, running with determination, often sliding as she changes directions or tries to brake.

Payne would be best in a quiet home, with a mature adult or couple who have had cats in the past and who are often home during the day. She likes your undivided attention and must be the only pet in the household. When faced with a new environment, Payne will initially be fearful and anxious, but with a little help she will settle into her new home. Once adopted, Payne will make a wonderful loyal companion!

Payne was born May 17, 2011 and is spayed and vaccinated.   To adopt, call us 416-538-8592, press #1 / email us: / fill in our adoption online form on our Adopt A Cat page.

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    Black cats deserve love too. I hope this cat finds a home. I hope one day. Superstition of black cats will be no more because a cat is a cat. Black is a color. It does mean many things but evil should not be one of them. Black is mysterious, The night sky so we can see the stars. My thoughts. Thejavawitch

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